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Antonio Canova’s Hebe

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Under the pretext of compositions of grace and elegance, the statue of “Hebe” takes the foremost place in point of date. The artist has embodied four times in stone, the goddess of youth, and each time with some variation. The last one is in the Museum of Forlì, in Italy. The only material improvement, though, is the substitution of a support more suitable to the simplicity of the art. Each of the statues is, in all its details, in expression, attitude and delicacy of finish, strikingly elegant.
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Antonio Canova in France

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

In 1815 he was commissioned by the Pope to oversee the transmission from Paris of those works of art which had formerly been conveyed there under the direction of Napoleon. Although his modesty forbade him to ever mention this but during this he showed an ever-active benevolence, especially towards the artists. By his passion and exertions – for there were many disagreeing interests to consider- he adjusted the affair in a manner at once creditable to his judgment and fortunate for his country.
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