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Russian dating

The trend of international Russian dating has grown drastically in the last ten years. While arranged marriages between countries have always been occurred, the internet now makes it much easier for people to connect, especially with all the Russian dating and introduction agencies available. Some people might get the impression that Russian women are fleeing their country in mass droves. However, this is not the case. A few thousand Russian mail order brides is not a large percentage in a country with a population of almost 150 million. The Russian women who are choosing to seek husbands abroad do so because they face a grim reality. The population of women significantly outnumbers men, especially because the life expectancy of women is almost 13 years higher for females (61 years for men, 74 years for women). Rather than face a life alone, more women are signing up to Russian dating sites. These hot Russian women are well educated, are very worldly and practical. Most importantly, the majority of Russian women put family first and are hoping to become good wives and mothers. When you look at it this way, everyone really benefits from Russian dating websites.

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